The 2018 Ford Focus is available at Al Packer's White Marsh Ford near Baltimore, MD

Appealing Exterior

The 2018 Ford Focus has an appealing exterior. The 2018 Ford Focus SE appearance package features an exterior that includes features like its 16-inch aluminum wheels for maximum stability and style. Another one of its features is the gloss black grille which helps the Ford Focus stand out from its competition. The 2018 Ford Focus also has headlamp surrounds that are painted black and help give it a unique style. These are just a few features that the Ford Focus boasts.

This Ford Focus package also has LED lighting on its exterior in order to give the driver the most optimal visibility in Towson, MD. The compact dimensions of the small car also make it easy to drive in White Marsh, MD urban areas, since you can maneuver the car easily. A sunroof is an available option so you can enjoy those sunny days in style. You can also choose from more exterior colors like Blue, Hot Pepper Red, and Outrageous Green to make the car fit your style.

Excellent Performance

The 2018 Ford Focus also boasts excellent performance. The 160-horsepower 2.0L inline 6-speed forward wheel drive engine can accelerate from 0 to 60 in only 8.5 seconds. The Ford Focus also handles well when you're driving it. The responsive steering and balanced body lets you steer the car easily and it responds quickly to your actions. You will also enjoy a comfy ride in the Ford Focus as well thanks to the stable handling.

The Ford Focus can also brake well. It only takes 179 feet for the car to slow down from 70 miles per hour and stop completely. You can also choose between an automatic transmission system and a manual transmission system if you get the S sedan model of the Ford Focus. The Ford Focus can also turn more quickly and easily than its competition, even if those cars are shown at different locations.


Safety features and interior of the 2018 Ford Focus - available at Al Packer's White Marsh Ford near Baltimore, MD

Organized Interior

The interior of the 2018 Ford Focus is very well organized. The controls for the climate and air conditioning systems in the car are clearly marked and easy to find. The tilting steering column also comes standard with the 2018 Ford Focus and gives it an organized feel. If you live in a colder climate, you will certainly enjoy the heated steering wheel, which is an available feature. The heated front seats will keep you and your front-seat passenger very comfortable in White Marsh, MD.

The 2018 Ford Focus also has adjustable front-seat passenger and driver's seats. This feature also helps your passengers stay comfortable. The cabin of the Ford Focus is also very quiet and you will not have to worry about outside noise bothering you very much. The cloth bucket seats ensure everyone can sit comfortably even during long trips. Leather trimmed seating is also available for the Ford Focus Titanium trim. You can experience this comfort by taking the Focus for a test drive at your local Ford dealership in Baltimore, MD.

Great Safety

The 2018 Ford Focus you can find at a Ford dealer near Baltimore is also a very safe vehicle. It comes with 11 standard airbags to protect you and your passengers. It comes with plenty of available safety features, including blind spot monitoring and a warning about leaving your lane while driving. The Focus has high beams so you have maximum visibility no matter what. This increased visibility makes the Focus much safer, but there are several other available safety features.

The Ford Focus also has a system to help you stay in your driving lane all the time. It also has a system to help you with parking, so you can easily park your car regardless of the situation. Aside from that, it has parking sensors in the rear of the car to help you back up safely while parking. The backup camera also makes your parking and overall driving as safe as possible, even when vehicles are shown at different speeds.

Useful Technology

The 2018 Ford Focus is also equipped with some of the best technology for drivers in Baltimore, MD. It has Bluetooth® audio and Bluetooth® phone as standard features as part of its infotainment system. You can also choose to get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to improve your Ford Focus's technology even further. There are also 2 USB ports and a 4.2-inch touchscreen that you can control via voice commands. Navigation systems and real-time weather are also available options for the Ford Focus. You will certainly enjoy the Ford Focus's innovative technology.